Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Pursuit of Happyness

          The Film "The Pursuit of Happyness"was basically about a young man who strives to survive. It all started when Chris Gardner's wife left him. But because he had a lot of love for his son being that his wife never had time for him because she worked two jobs day and night he knew that she wasn't going to be able to take care of their son in New york. Chris Gardner kept his son whiles his wife left. Life became hard but threw every struggle Chris always fought threw from sleeping in the bathroom,motels,shelters, and churches he applied for an internship and found a job.

1) What happens in Chris Gardner's life to make him and his son become homeless?
        Chris Gardner didn't have the money to pay the rent because he didn't file taxes so they took all his money. He also wasn't working to make  any type of money so the hotel kicked him out which made him homeless with no where to go.
2) Did the events appear to you to be the result of someone's fault, poor decisions, or just a sequence of events.
      I honestly think the events that appeared was caused by poor decisions and someone's fault because i understand that he loved his son in every way but he should have thought like he don't have no money to provide for this little boy he don't even have to provide for himself he should of sent the baby boy with his mother until he is on his own to feet then take him back. This is also the wife fault for just picking up and leaving Chris with no money.
3) What would be different for Chris in this same situation if he didn't have his son Christopher, to care for? 
       It would be different for Chris if he didn't have his son to care for. For the simple fact that it would only be about himself. A man is a man, he wouldn't really care where he put his head down to rest he would only have to worry about himself so things might be way easier but every time he lays down he pushes himself for his son
4) What would be different for Chris and his son in this same situation if they became homeless in New York?
      I think it would be a little different for Chris if he was homeless in New York because there is many opportunities in New York that Chris can do to get money and help there is Public Assistance, Cheap New York is much faster, and easier and if he took his child to the government and say listen i have no money no home and I'm homeless trying to make an effort i believe they would have helped him.
5) What appears to be the most difficult aspect for Chris and his son as they used emergency shelters?
    I Believe the most difficult aspect for Chris and his son whiles using emergency shelters was doing stuff that their not used to like when they cut the lights off at a certain time Chris was now giving Christopher a bath maybe the food they had to eat and being that Christopher isn't use to sleeping with out his dad in the same bed as him.
6) What do you think keeps Chris going when he hits "Bottom" in the despair of his situation?
     I think Chris son helps to keep him going when he hits bottom in the despair of his situation cause he is always thinking like listen if I give up today or tomorrow what will happen to my son he will suffer and he might end up getting sick so every time he feels like he have hit bottom and he cant do it no more i believe he studies his son.
7) What do you think would have happened to Chris and his son if he had not been the intern selected for the job?
     To me I think if he haven't been the intern selected for the job i sooner or later think that Chris and his son would be end up in a tuff situation where Chris wouldn't be able to provide for his son anymore i believe children services would have came and took away his son because he cant provide for him their life wouldn't have been the same. 
     If i was Chris Gardner's wife threw thick and thin i would be there for my husband and my child. I would be upset that he cant help me pay the bills at this moment but then again i wouldn't just pick up and leave because he is still showing me is trying to find a job.  I would think about my son because even if I'm at work making money for my family i would know that my sons father will be there to pick him up but every one have a different opinion about the way they see things so cant really blame her.

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